Seminar with John Sharkey
„A body in peace from a body in pieces”

About seminar


A workshop exploring biotensegrity informed manual and movement applications.

Clinical anatomist and exercise physiologist John Sharkey will lead these three days of somatic exploration infused with the science of biotensegrity. John’s presentations revolve around his unique concept of Biotensegrity- Anatomy for the 21st Century”. To support the manual therapy approach this bespoke workshop will utilize cadaveric images and video content from John’s highly acclaimed Thiel soft-fixed dissection courses held in Dundee University in Scotland.

John will share his expansive force movements with rotations and force expression with or without impact in a natural way that will help even your chronic pain and Fibromyalgia patients. Biotensegrity informed movement leads to joint expansive or open forces as opposed to joint compression or closing forces. Mixing simple assessment strategies with easy to complete neuromuscular efficient movements results in motion as nature intended.

In this workshop John will combine the art and science of bodywork with open discussion and practical applications providing explanations concerning therapeutic outcomes. Following an overview of the Biotensegrity-Anatomy for the 21st Century model, and its impact on manual and movement therapies. John will move to the treatment tables for a dynamic practicum putting science into practice. The workshop will intersperse science, theories, evidence (some laughs along the way) and lots of “real time kinesthetic experiences” to support a visual feast with tactile knowledge of the true nature of our human architecture.

  • Three days of dynamic thought provoking education
  • Vital new concepts and new vision in bodywork science
  • Applications to help practitioners to translate their knowledge into 21st century anatomy and physiology specific to human movement and bodywork therapy

This workshop will integrate numerous manual techniques including Positional Release and Strain-Counter Strain approaches with other manual modalities including Muscle Energy Techniques, Active Cold Therapy Shape Change (ACTS) and others. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to participate in physical activities and manual applications. It is advised to have very short nails.