About us

European Therapy Center – is a Non-Public Continuing Education Center registered in the Educational Identification System under the number RSPO 270093.

ETC was created as a training institution conducting courses for craniosacral therapist in biodynamic terms, but not only… The assumption is to be an education, training and therapeutic center. We invite various authorities in the field of general health to conduct trainings, seminars or thematic lectures, e.g. on trauma, delivery and perinatal care, therapeutic work with children, addictions, etc.

The school’s headmaster is Joanna Czarny – she has MD in Philosophy at the University of Wrocław and post-grads studies in Relaxation Techniques and Psychology of Business Management. A passionate trauma therapist, working for many years with craniosacral therapy, P. Levine’s Somatic Experiencing method and infant’s reflexes.

The teachers at our school are Michael Kern, co-founder of the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust in London, CTET director Tracy Evans, Sheila Kean and Satya Shepherd (more about teachers in the „school” tab, 1st and 2nd edition).

Our mission is to create a center that will:
– propagate knowledge about good life and health in an accessible way
– and conducting various therapeutic practices for children and adults.